As of 2007, we invite our clients, young people and adults, to submit their comments and up to 20 of their best pilgrimage pictures via email to or via mail to:

Worldwide Pilgrimage Ministries
1131 North Laura Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32206

Please identify yourself, your leader(s), the date of the trip, and the subject of each picture.  We will publish those comments and pictures on our web site for the enjoyment of all.  Additionally, we will provide a CD or DVD containing the comments, the pictures and the itinerary 3 months after the end of the pilgrimage.  This service is intended to provide a memento of your trip and a medium of exchange for you to communicate with fellow pilgrims.  Pictures submitted will be used on the web site and as promotional material for Worldwide Pilgrimage Ministries.  Comments and pictures will be attributed to their authors by listing their first name and the first letter of their last name.  Inclusion of both pictures and comments is at the discretion of Worldwide Pilgrimage Ministries.  Electronic pictures must be in .jpg format.  Prints must be no larger that 8" x 10".  Slides and negatives must be in 35mm format.  Prints, negatives and slides will not be returned to their owner unless you provide a self addressed envelope.

For those of you who wish to publish pictures from previous pilgrimages, we will be happy to publish your pictures on our site.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide a CD or DVD for past pilgrimages as we will not know when the set of pictures is complete.

You will find your submissions accessible from your pilgrimage/s entry on the Memories page available in the visually rich version of the site.  You may access this page through the Home button on the left.

Join us again and share the experience!