Pictures from Israel

The Holy Land and Jordan

Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus and Moses

Led by:

The Rev. Deborah Hunley
Christ Episcopal Church
Roanoke, VA

March 10 – 21, 2013

Trip map

DAY 1: Sunday, March 10, 2013 - Depart Roanoke, VA for our flight to Charlotte, NC where we connect to our flight to Frankfurt and finally into Tel Aviv. M

DAY 2: Monday, March 11, 2013 - Our Pilgrimage in this Holy Land begins:  We meet our guide for the Holy Land and travel to Jericho for dinner and overnight. MD

DAY 3: Tuesday, March 12, 2013 - We cross the Allenby Bridge into Jordan and visit Bethany Beyond the Jordan, the site considered by many to be where Jesus was baptized by John.  Here, we will reconfirm our Baptismal vows and continue to Madaba to see the mosaic of the Old City of Jerusalem and then visit Mt. Nebo where God showed Moses the Promised Land.  We travel on the Desert Highway to Petra for dinner and overnight. BD

DAY 4: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 - A day to explore the Red Rose City of Petra which some historians equate with Sela, a town in which the Israelites had a famous victory over the local Edomites.  We will have the choice to walk to the site or to take a carriage ride through the dramatic “siq” or canyon.  We will see the Treasury, carved in pink stone, and continue past the Roman Theatre, the Corinthian Tomb and Palace Tomb.  As we continue, we see the theatre, the Roman Soldier Tomb, the Columbarium and much more as we make our way to the High Place of Sacrifice located at the top of Jabal Mount.  The High Place of Sacrifice is considered to be the oldest major cultic facility in Petra.  We visit the museum and, for those who take the 60 minute walk to the Monastery, they will be rewarded with the best sites in Petra.  Dinner and overnight at Petra. BLD

DAY 5: Thursday, March 14, 2013 - We leave Petra and travel to Wadi Rum, also known as the Valley of the Moon where we will see the majestic landscape and continue north to cross the Sheikh Hussein Bridge back into Israel.  We travel to our lodgings on the Sea of Galilee for dinner and overnight. BLD

DAY 6: Friday, March 15, 2013 - He is going ahead of us to Galilee” (Mt. 28):  The Sea; On the Boat; Capernaum; Tabgha; Mount of Beatitudes; Caesarea Philippi; Mt. Hermon.  We take a boat on the Sea of Galilee to Capernaum where we walk in the ancient synagogue and see St. Peter’s house.  We visit Tabgha to view the mosaic of the Loaves and Fishes and Peter’s Primacy.  We have a special lunch of St. Peter’s Fish and then move to the Mount of Beatitudes to rehear the Sermon on the Mount.  We visit the ruins at Korazin and also see Kursi, where excavations have uncovered a 5-6th century AD church and monastery. BLD

DAY 7: Saturday, March 16, 2013 - We travel to Nazareth, home of the Basilica of the Annunciation and to Akko one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world.  Akko is a meeting place between East and West and ancient and modern.  We visit Sepphoris where Jesus and Joseph may have worked as carpenters before returning to our lodgings on the Sea of Galilee for dinner and overnight. BD

DAY 8: Sunday, March 17, 2013 - From Galilee “up to Jerusalem”:  Today we visit the site of the Transfiguration, Mt. Tabor.  We celebrate Holy Eucharist on the mountain and then follow the footsteps that Jesus and his family would have taken as they made their way from Galilee to Jerusalem through the Biblical lands of Samaria.  The road passes through Biblical sites: Nob, Gibeah, Ramah, Beeroth, Bethel, Shiloh and Jenin, where tradition holds that Jesus cured the 10 lepers (Luke 17:11).  We proceed to ancient Sebastia, a Hellenistic city where John the Baptist was beheaded at the birthday party of Herod Antipas (Mark 6:17). We will have lunch at Sebastia and then, conditions permitting, visit and drink from Jacob’s Well (Gen. 33:18), where Jesus asked the Samaritan woman for a drink promising her “living water” (John 4).  We may also stop at Mt. Gerizim where the Samaritan community still live and have their synagogue.  Then, on to Jerusalem where we go to the Mt. of Olives in order to orient ourselves before continuing to our hotel for dinner and overnight. BD

DAY 9: Monday, March 18, 2013 - Today we explore the walled Old City of Jerusalem.  We will see the Western Wall, also called the wailing wall, the remains of the Second Temple and revered as the most sacred of places by the Jewish people.  We will visit Haram al-Sharif which comprises almost 1/6th of the Old City.  We will see the Al – Aqsa Mosque as well as the golden domed Dome of the Rock.  We will visit St. Anne’s Church and other sites in the Old City.  This evening, we will have vespers at Abu Ghosh.  Dinner and overnight in Jerusalem. BD

DAY 10: Tuesday, March 19, 2013 - Life’s Bread, Jerusalem and Bethlehem and the Palm Sunday Walk:  We drive to Bethlehem to visit the Church of the Nativity and Shepherd’s Field.  Then we go for early lunch at Two Mustaches, a wonderful Arab restaurant.  In the afternoon we return to Jerusalem and follow the Palm Sunday route from the Mt. of Olives.  We will view the Temple Mount from our walk and celebrate Holy Eucharist in a private garden at Gethsemane.  From there we go to St. Mark’s Syrian Orthodox Church, possible site of the Upper Room.  We return to our hotel for dinner and then, for those who wish, we will visit St. Andrew’s and Craftaid. BLD

DAY 11: Wednesday, March 20, 2013 - The Passion: Via Dolorosa, Stations of the Cross; Cave of the Olive Press; Kidron Valley to the House of Caiaphas.  We have a very early departure from our hotel to the entrance of the Old City where we walk the Via Dolorosa, winding through the busy markets of the Old City and praying at the Stations of the Cross.  We end our walk at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, scene of the Crucifixion and site of the Tomb.  We walk to the Temple Mount Dig, to the Western Wailing Wall and the Jewish Quarter.  Then to St. Anne’s Church, standing on a property facing the Temple Mount just as it was built by the crusaders.  Inside we find ourselves singing (the acoustics are glorious).  Nearby, we visit excavations which speak to us of Jesus’ healing at the “pool with the five porticos”.  We have free time in the Old City to wander around.  Overnight Jerusalem. BDM

DAY 12: Thursday, March 21, 2013 - We will have a very early wakeup call and travel to the Tel Aviv Airport for our return flight connecting in Frankfurt and Washington’s Dulles Airport and then on to Roanoke. M

Price: $3,099.00.  Price based on a minimum of 15 traveling in double occupancy and excludes airline taxes and fuel surcharges that will be added to your final payment invoice.  Estimated taxes are $748.20 per person.  Roundtrip air from Roanoke, VA on USAir / Lufthansa.  Air transportation available from other cities.  Single supplement costs $919.00.

Deposit of $200.00 per person due with application.

Final Payment due December 1, 2012

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An application for travel insurance will be included with the receipt for your deposit.  We strongly recommend that you seriously consider this coverage.

Meals: B Breakfast, L Lunch, D Dinner, M Meals on aircraft

The itinerary is subject to change due to local conditions or at the discretion and direction of the leader or guide.

Note that Israel is a physically demanding destination.  Good shoes and some preparing for the trip on the stair master are invaluable aids to a healthy and happy pilgrimage.